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All About Compost

In Chittenden County, food scraps account for nearly ONE THIRD of most people’s trash. You can “recycle” these scraps by composting! Rather than letting our leaves, banana peels, and grass clippings go to waste, buried in a landfill in someone else’s backyard, why not harness nature’s forces to create dark, rich soils full of life!

What is Compostable?

Fortunately for us, the microbes that do the bulk of the composting work aren’t too picky about what goes into the compost. That said, we can’t compost everything. Find the full list here.

Compost FAQ

Have some questions? Hopefully we have some answers! Try here first.

Drop-Off Composting

Want to start composting, but unsure where to bring your food scraps? Any CSWD Drop-Off Center will take them, and you can bring them right to us.

Compost Analysis

pH? Nitrogen? Find our the nitty gritty on what’s in our compost.

Composting at Home

The best composting is the kind you do at home. Learn how to make your own compost.

Composting at Work

CSWD has staff and resources available to help you start or improve your composting at work plan.