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Composting at Work

Composting at Work or School

How To Start

Composting at Work!If you have space and willing participants to maintain the pile, you can set up a Backyard Composting system at your school or business, just like one you would have at home.


Talk to your trash and recycling hauler about contracting with them for pickup. See the Chittenden Solid Waste District’s compost pickup page for a current list of haulers that are offering this service.


Some small businesses opt to drop their food scraps off at any CSWD Drop-Off Center or at Green Mountain Compost for no charge.

If you choose to have your food scraps picked up by a hauler, or you drop them off at one of our facilities, the list of what can go in the compost bucket is longer than if you’re composting on-site. That’s because the huge compost piles at Green Mountain Compost reach and maintain temperatures that kill plant diseases and undesirable bacteria that can lurk on some kinds of food waste.

Go to the What Is Compostable? page to see the complete list and more tips.

Contact the CSWD Business Outreach Coordinator if you’d like an on-site consultation or presentation on how to get composting started at your business.

Contact CSWD’s School Outreach Coordinator if you’d like help getting composting started at your school.

They can provide technical assistance as well as signage and “best practices” from others who have successfully implemented composting at all kinds of businesses and schools throughout Chittenden County.