Wicked good soils.

We make some of the world’s most exceptional soils. Whether you’re growing tomatoes on your porch, or grooming ten acres for planting, we create compost and soil mixes to optimize growth in any condition.

Drop it off

Drop off your food scraps, leaves, and yard debris, and we’ll turn it into wicked good compost. Since 1987, we’ve been turning community food waste & yard trimmings into nutrient-rich soils, feeding lawns & gardens across New England instead of the landfill. 

Quality, Quality, Quality

We perform lab tests and greenhouse growth trials on each small batch we produce—to ensure that every product we produce yields the very best results for our customers.

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Save 18% when you pre-order your soil!

Already dreaming of planting your garden this spring?  Pre-order your soil to save 18%—and get it when you want it!     From Monday, February 12th through Friday,…
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Side-by-side photo of carrot sprouts in different soil.

An experiment in growing vegetables indoors: Part Deux

For those of you just tuning in, I decided to experiment with growing vegetables indoors without the use of grow lights. In December, I sowed seeds for radishes,…
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Leafy green plant next to a window.

Sunny tips for keeping houseplants healthy through the dark days of winter

During these months of a stark landscape and scarce light, it can be a wonderful gift to come home to a home full of lush plants. It’s not…
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Houseplants from above.

Use your own houseplants to make a unique, natural gift

If you’re looking for unique, inexpensive, and easy gift ideas that aren’t made in China and won’t end up in a landfill, try a houseplant! Studies show that…
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