Organic Weapons

by Organic Gardening staff

Andy Jones and Erin Hanley, managers of Intervale Community Farm, produce bumper crops by using a full arsenal of organic techniques, many of which can be used in the home garden:

  • Build soil tilth and fertility by applying generous amounts of compost.
  • Plant legume cover crops, such as clover and vetch, to add organic matter and nitrogen to the soil.
  • Use fabric row covers to protect crops from insect pests.
  • Use BT (Bacillus thuringiensis) sparingly if necessary to control potato-beetle larvae.
  • In cold climates, use a plastic-covered hoop house to give tomatoes an early start outdoors. Hoop houses also discourage soil borne diseases by preventing rainfall from splashing soil on the plants’ leaves.
  • Nature hates a mono culture. Diversify and rotate crops to confuse insects and best use soil nutrients.
  • Interplant flowers with vegetables to attract bees and other beneficial insects.

Reprinted with permission from Organic Gardening Magazine

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