Bulk Compost Sales Resume for 2014

Great news!  Bulk compost, topsoil, mulch and  microbe mulch will once again be available for pickup by or delivery to homeowners and landscapers from the Green Mountain Compost facility starting in March of this year.  New for 2014, we’ll be offering a “bag your own” set-up, whereby customers can conveniently purchase small amounts of compost. We provide the recycled bags.

While we have focused on making enough high quality, fully tested compost to meet the demands of our direct customers, we will not have enough inventory to supply garden centers or any other larger scale re-sellers for the 2014 season.  Raised Bed Mix and bagged products will also not be available for this season.  We expect to have our full spectrum of products available in 2015.

Contact Green Mountain Compost for more information.

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