Quality Assurance – We Test Every Batch

Red clover tests for herbicides in compost
Red clover bioassay in the greenhouse at Green Mountain Compost

Here at Green Mountain Compost, we love to garden almost as much as we love making compost.  We know how much work it takes to prepare a bed, keep it watered and weeded, and then stay on top of harvesting.  Summer is a short window of time, and every minute we get to spend in the garden is extremely rewarding – but also precious.  With so much time and love invested in your garden you want to be sure that the compost you’re adding is going to give your plants what they need to ensure a bumper harvest.  That’s why we spend so much time testing and retesting our compost before we let it out the door to our customers.

In addition to independent laboratory testing, we have a state-of-the-art greenhouse at Green Mountain Compost where we carry out extensive growth trials year-round on every batch we produce.  This gives us the ability to sell our compost with confidence – knowing that the compost you’re purchasing is going to give you great gardening success.  We can’t do much about the weather or plant loving critters, but we can provide the most tested compost available to help you get the most our of your garden.

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