In the Weeds? Try Mulch or Microbe Mulch

One of the best ways to save time and maximize production in your flower beds is to use mulch.  Berry bushes, trees, and shrubs all benefit from the addition of a properly applied layer of mulch. Green Mountain Compost has an ample supply of un-dyed pine bark mulch and our coveted “Microbe Mulch” to keep your gardens happy, healthy and attractive all season.

Why Mulch?

A generous layer of mulch over your garden soil will keep weeds at bay while helping to keep soil cool and moist in summer. That means less weeding and watering for you!  In addition, mulch encourages earthworm activity and insulates your soil in the winter to prevent frequent freezing/thawing that causes plant heaving.

What’s Up with Microbe Mulch?

Despite the many benefits of mulch, most bark mulches are naturally low in nitrogen. When mulch begins to decay, nitrogen can be temporarily depleted from the soil.  Microbe Mulch is Green Mountain Compost’s special blend of 75% pine bark mulch and 25% compost, designed to fertilize and mulch at the same time!  Compost-enriched mulch offers the same benefits as traditional mulch without robbing your soil of nitrogen.  Microbe mulch is naturally a bit darker than the undyed pine bark mulch.

Can You Overdo it When Mulching?

Yes, it is possible to add too much mulch and harm your plantings.  Blueberries, trees, and most wood crops do better when the base of the plant is exposed to airflow.  Piling up too much mulch right against the base of your plants can lead to premature decay and other undesirable outcomes.  Occasionally you may see a “mulch volcano” where someone has piled a big ring of mulch around a landscape tree.  This is not good for your trees.  Keep mulch at least an inch or two from the base of the trunk.  Pile mulch 1-2 inches deep around the plants.  Previous years’ mulch applications should be removed in order to avoid piling it too deep around trees.

Pine Bark Mulch and Microbe Mulch are available for pick-up at Green Mountain Compost by the yard or half-yard, or schedule a delivery for 2 to 10 cubic yards!




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