Kim Stacey
6 seedlings on a wooden pallet with lots of roots visible.

Lights, camera…seedling action!

Spring is finally upon us! If you haven’t already, it’s time to get your seedlings started indoors. As some of you are aware from my last experiment growing an indoor vegetable garden throughout the winter (part I and part II), the biggest limitation was the light. So, this spring, even though there is more available…
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Side-by-side photo of carrot sprouts in different soil.

An experiment in growing vegetables indoors: Part Deux

For those of you just tuning in, I decided to experiment with growing vegetables indoors without the use of grow lights. In December, I sowed seeds for radishes, beans, carrots, garlic, and micro-greens using Green Mountain Compost Potting Soil and Raised Bed Mix. Part 2 of our adventure details observations from the weeks following.  …
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An experiment in growing vegetables indoors: Part I

As I  gazed out upon my beautiful snow-covered garden, I couldn’t help but daydream about walking outside barefoot and picking ripe vegetables to use for dinner that night. If only I had a greenhouse! But then, I started thinking about all the articles I have read about growing vegetables inside during the winter. My curiosity…
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10 things you should do to winterize your garden

Winter took its sweet time this year, which has given us a little extra time to finish the last of the garden chores before the ground freezes solid. Some of you may have already done your clean-up, but if you make sure you check off all of these items, you will make the gardening life…
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A garlic-lover’s guide to growing garlic

As I start to see the leaves change color and the forecast look cooler, my excitement starts ramping up for all things fall related: harvest markets, apple picking, leaf peepin’, and even getting back into the garden to put it to rest for the season! For me, that list includes planting my garlic! Where do…
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