6 seedlings on a wooden pallet with lots of roots visible.

Lights, camera…seedling action!

Spring is finally upon us! If you haven’t already, it’s time to get your seedlings started indoors. As some of you are aware from my last experiment growing an indoor vegetable garden throughout the winter (part I and part II), the biggest limitation was the light. So, this spring, even though there is more available…

Seed tray next to wooden basket with seed packets, both in front of a bag of Green Mountain Compost Seed Starter.

How to choose the seed you need

Seed catalogs and garden center seed shelves touting photos of glorious looking flowers and veggies are like eye candy for winter-weary souls. But with so many seed companies and options for what to grow, choosing seeds can feel a bit overwhelming! There’s much to say about seeds, but we’ve pieced together just a few guidelines…

Leafy green plant next to a window.

Sunny tips for keeping houseplants healthy through the dark days of winter

During these months of a stark landscape and scarce light, it can be a wonderful gift to come home to a home full of lush plants. It’s not just our imaginations—houseplants do have the ability to lift our spirits and improve quality of life. They naturally humidify and purify indoor air, and are, of course,…