Bucket loader full of bulk compost in front of trees with orange leaves.

Add compost in the fall for great spring results

“This has been the best year for tomatoes I’ve ever seen!” – our friend Tom. If you’re anything like Tom, you’ve been stuffing yourself silly with high quality garden produce all spring and summer. It also means that now is the time to lay back, put your feet up, and let the weeds take over…
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Woman in background holding jar of salsa out towards the foreground.

Start canning your homegrown veggies

The advent of fall means cooler temperatures, school supplies, and loads of leaf peepers. For the gardener though, it only means one thing: It’s harvest season! That means for most of us Vermonters who garden on the side that it is time to begin the transition from planting to preserving. My parents have a small…
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In the Weeds? Try Mulch or Microbe Mulch

One of the best ways to save time and maximize production in your flower beds is to use mulch.  Berry bushes, trees, and shrubs all benefit from the addition of a properly applied layer of mulch. Green Mountain Compost has an ample supply of un-dyed pine bark mulch and our coveted “Microbe Mulch” to keep…
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How to: Compost Your Cookout

*Please note that Green Mountain Compost and all CSWD drop-off centers will be closed on Labor Day. Please check the CSWD web site for normal hours of operation.* With Labor Day weekend just ahead and the days growing noticeably shorter, many of us will be making the most of the season with outdoor activities this…
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Composting Through the Winter? YES!

We are often asked if composting happens at Green Mountain Compost throughout the winter. The answer is a definitive yes.  Billions of micro-organisms in our large compost piles generate more than enough heat to keep the piles cooking all winter long. So what does this mean for you?  You can keep your food scraps out…
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