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6 seedlings on a wooden pallet with lots of roots visible.

Lights, camera…seedling action!

Spring is finally upon us! If you haven’t already, it’s time to get your seedlings started indoors. As some of you are aware from my last experiment growing an indoor vegetable garden throughout the winter (part I and part II), the biggest limitation was the light. So, this spring, even though there is more available…
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Leafy green plant next to a window.

Sunny tips for keeping houseplants healthy through the dark days of winter

During these months of a stark landscape and scarce light, it can be a wonderful gift to come home to a home full of lush plants. It’s not just our imaginations—houseplants do have the ability to lift our spirits and improve quality of life. They naturally humidify and purify indoor air, and are, of course,…
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Houseplants from above.

Use your own houseplants to make a unique, natural gift

If you’re looking for unique, inexpensive, and easy gift ideas that aren’t made in China and won’t end up in a landfill, try a houseplant! Studies show that keeping plants in your home and work environment improves air quality, reduces stress, and enhances overall mood. Bonus: They look great. Whether the recipient has a green,…
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A brown & black bug on a green leaf.

Bug Out: Winter tips to reduce garden insects & disease

Taking the time to properly prepare your garden for winter has a long list of benefits. One of the biggies is that you can protect your garden from many destructive insects and diseases. Standard pre-winter gardening tasks serve multiple purposes—including deterring pests and disease simply by disturbing their winter habitat. By adding a step or…
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10 things you should do to winterize your garden

Winter took its sweet time this year, which has given us a little extra time to finish the last of the garden chores before the ground freezes solid. Some of you may have already done your clean-up, but if you make sure you check off all of these items, you will make the gardening life…
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