Compostable Products Buying Guide

Beginning 1/1/22: Compostable foodware no longer accepted. 

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Compostable products are cool. You know what’s cooler? Reusable stuff.

Before you read this Buying Guide, make sure you read our Compostable Products main page for information to help you decide whether compostable products are right for you.

Or read CSWD’s Purchasing Guidelines for Compostable Food-Related Products (PDF).

Using Compostable Products

Be prepared to label, educate and separate!

Deciding to use compostable products is great, but it’s also the easy part. The MUCH harder part is making sure that your compostable products don’t just end up in the landfill. And trust us, they will—unless you are willing to spend the extra effort. How can you make sure that people put the compostable products in the right place?

  1. Provide separate bins that look distinct.
  2. Place the bins in a waste station.
  3. Label the bins clearly.
  4. Tell people what goes where. Make an announcement.
  5. Pick it out of the trash. No matter how good your educational efforts are, you wont’ be able to keep everything out of the trash, or the recycling. If you want use compostable products responsibly, you’ll need to spend a little time and energy.

Where to Buy

These local retailers have all been notified of our requirements for compostable products. Please note that these retailers may also carry products that are NOT accepted at Green Mountain Compost. Feel free to make a suggestion for additions or corrections to this list.

Company NameLocation & phone
City Market CoopBurlington; 802-861-9700
CostcoColchester; 802-655-4356
Gardener’s Supply Co.Burlington, Williston; 1-888-833-1412
Healthy Living MarketSouth Burlington, 802-863-2569
Natural ProvisionsWilliston; 802-876-1400
Staples Burlington, Williston; 1-800-333-3330
Sweet Clover Market Essex Junction; 802-872-8288

Many other brands produce products that are BPI certified and/or clearly labeled as compostable and therefore are accepted for composting at Green Mountain Compost. If we are not recommending those brands here it is likely because they do NOT meet the specific criteria listed above.

Compostable Product Requirements

At Green Mountain Compost, our minimum requirement for compostability is that the product is either:

  • Certified compostable by BPI (see logo), orBPI label 201504
  • Third-party tested to meet ASTM D6400 or ASTM D6868 standards for compostability.

Many specific food-service products meet our minimum requirements for acceptability. However, because of the amount of misinformation and misleading labeling around compostable products, it can be difficult to determine exactly what a product is made of, or what you can do with it.

We acknowledge that this is a quickly changing field. If you feel that a brand has been erroneously included in OR omitted from this list, please contact the CSWD Business Outreach Coordinator at or 802-872-8100 x237 with documented support of how the brand meets—or doesn’t meet—the above criteria.