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We are changing the way we sell our products. Find out more!

Interested in a wholesale account? Check our our Wholesale Customer Information page where you’ll find a link to our easy online application.

At Green Mountain Compost, we want to make sure that our re-sellers feel the love. We have a full line of merchandising aids – both in-store and digital – to help educate your staff and customers about the superior qualities and awesome benefits of our products.

Contact the Sales Coordinator for more information, or to request any of these materials.


Jen Baer
Sales Coordinator
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In-store support


Our colorful, eye-catching posters and banners make a gorgeous addition to your retail displays. Hang them near a bunker of bulk Complete Compost, or on the wall by a pallet of Premium Potting Soil. Available in different sizes and colors.

gmc banner 40x12 texture green 2015 - thumbnail

Pallet Signs

Our durable pallet signs are designed to attract attention to our bagged product displays. They fit firmly into our bag pallets and hold our brightly colored product sign inserts. Written with clear bullet points that deliver the benefits and best uses of the product, our pallet signs also feature a scannable QR (quick response) code for customers to get more detailed product information and watch product promotional videos.

Each sign insert also has space available to include your own pricing and other relevant information.


Our Mission
Educate your customers about our mission and values as they shop! This sign makes a helpful accompaniment to your POP display.

View PDF (8.5 x 11)

Product Posters
Letter-sized versions of our pallet signs deliver benefits of each product with a scannable QR code for more information and videos.

View PDF (8.5 x 11)

Product Brochures

Download & print brochures for display or handout. Or request hard copies, and we’ll send them to you!

Product summary (one page)
Customer brochure (double-sided)

Green Mountain Compost euro stickers


Everybody loves stickers! We have euro stickers in small & large sizes.

Digital support


Product images